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Spring Clean

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Did you know you should be cleaning out your makeup collection like you would you kitchen or bathroom cabinets? So here are my tips on giving your makeup a good spring clean Did you know makeup has a Best Before date? Each product will have a small symbol like an open jar with a number […]

Lip Brushes

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When creating a makeup look for a client I always use a lip brush. This is mostly to avoid any cross contamination as all my brushes are thoroughly washed and disinfected after every client, but it is also for accuracy. It isn’t always necessary to use a lip brush, if you are using a neutral […]


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One of the latest trends in makeup is highlighter, but if you don’t do it right it can look really odd, here are my tips for using highlighter Choose your highlighter based on the look you want for that day….golden glow, subtle shimmer or party glitter Apply highlighter to the spots where light hits your […]