Did you know you should be cleaning out your makeup collection like you would you kitchen or bathroom cabinets? So here are my tips on giving your makeup a good spring clean

  1. Did you know makeup has a Best Before date? Each product will have a small symbol like an open jar with a number and the letter ‘m’ next to it eg 30M. This means you should use it within 30 months. If you think you’ve had your product longer than it’s Best Before date chuck it out
  2. Group your products together, this will enable you to see if you have a lot of highlighters or eyeshadow palettes, check they are all in good condition and throw out any you haven’t used in the last year
  3. Wipe down all the packaging with anti bacterial wipes, even the external packaging can host a whole load of germs – yuk!
  4. Wipe your drawers, shelves or makeup storage too
  5. Finally clean all your makeup brushes, I’m going to do another detailed blog about this process, but a minimum of soap and warm water, then left to dry naturally.